DY006 Hmay Carved Ink Stone ( 22*14*4 CM)
DY006 Hmay Carved Ink Stone ( 22*14*4 CM)

Price: $199.99

Date Added: 06/29/2017 by Alexandru EPURAN
So here is the story: you dream about the perfect stone (nothing too fancy, so the lady of the house won't throw it in your head) and - Lo and behold! - you got it on your table (and the lady of the house - fortunately! - is not very impressed).
And you just look at it...
ctually you are staring at it!
Too long.
And then you say - how am I going to GRIND ink on it??! It's too beautiful! To smooth and silky!
Then and there you have a problem!
The idea is, yes, you want to take good care of it but you have to MAN UP and use it!!! It took me some effort and some trials of my ink sticks on different, lesser stones before daring touch it. But I did. And I somehow feel the stone is alive, more alive with every use.
And you know what? I get in the mood grinding ink. Then I somehow spend my energy on painting and I feel exhausted afterwards - you know the feeling if you are here...
So listen to this: recharge your batteries by SLOWLY, DELIBERATELY cleaning, caressing your stone, enjoying it's smoothness, it's colors, the carving and calligraphy on it. Clean it, dry it and put it in a special spot in your house and enjoy!
I know I do...
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