HM004 Hmayart (70.87in) Cotton Xuan Paper

Product Description

Enterprise Introduction:

Hmay Art Co.,Ltd is sited in origin place of Xuan Paper, Jing County Xuancheng City of Anhui Province, produces and mainly sells top quality Xuan Paper products. The unique water quality and mild climate of Jing County in Anhui Province in eastern China are two of the key ingredients in the craft of making Xuan paper that thrives here. The traditional process passed down orally over generations and still followed today proceeds strictly by hand through more than a hundred steps such as steeping, washing, fermenting, bleaching, pulping, sunning and cutting – all of which lasts more than two years.


Product Feature

Category】:Xuan Paper

Name】:HMAY xuan paper


Material】:High quality wingceltis bark 40% and rice straw (Sha straw) 60%

Packing】:100 sheets /knife

Feature】:HMAY xuan paper is known for its strong, smooth surface, its ability to absorb water and moisten ink, and fold repeatedly without breaking. It has been widely used in calligraphy, painting and book printing.




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